Finials: The Final Touch

Finials provide a final touch of defining elegance to each ornament. They are the crowning glory and the terminal foundation. Each finial must be graceful in form and poised in its stature. While an infinite array of possibilities are presented within the scope and design of each finial, care must be excercized to bring complimentary and contrasting elements together.  Finials are the consummate fitting finish.

Deep Design, Sumptuous Wood, Enduring Elegance

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Deep Design LLC

​​​Using portions of hardwood gathered from around the world, each item is handcrafted using traditional and modern methods of machining and finishing.

Varying arrays of angles, lines and curved surfaces comprise the objects. Each is a study in plane and spherical geometry.

Once an individual item has been completed, it is given a serial number and signed by the artist. The serial number may be referenced on the Deep Design Archive Pages.   

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A Way Own  Their Own...

Deep Design strives to bring the inner beauty of wood into light using traditional and modern methods. ​ When you receive a Deep Design product, know that it is singular, and possesses heirloom quality! The ornaments, boxes, rolling pins, kaleidoscopes, pens, letter and wine bottle stoppers handcrafted by Deep Design are distinctive.  Each has a way of their own.